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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Jose Vasquez


10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working in Startup Tech Companies

If your marketing strategy isn’t working as well as you anticipated, one of these 10 reasons could be why.

A successful marketing campaign will be able to improve your brand visibility, increase traffic to your site, and eventually culminate in more sales and greater customer loyalty. However, simply having a marketing campaign isn’t enough; if all you’re doing is putting a minimal effort forth for the sake of having a marketing budget, it’s time to take a more serious look at your options.

If you find your marketing campaign falling behind, one of these 10 reasons is likely responsible:

  1. You didn’t do any research. If you don’t go into a marketing campaign prepared with all the information, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Research the industry, your audience, and your messages before you even think about starting.
  2. You aren’t targeting the right people. Even if you’ve done the research, your focus might be slightly off.
  3. You aren’t using the right channels. Are you focusing everything on one marketing channel and ignoring any others entirely? Make sure you have a diverse blend of lead sources.
  4. Your message isn’t consistent. It could be that your voice and style are inconsistent across different platforms, leading to confusion and alienation.
  5. Your brand is poorly established. If you haven’t spent time on creating your brand in the first place, you could be in some real trouble. Build your brand first, then worry about marketing it.
  6. Your content isn’t shareable. Get your fans to spread the word naturally through promotions and offers that are easy to share.
  7. Your design is flawed. If you’re using traditional or digital ads, your design could be what’s responsible for people not coming through or converting.
  8. You aren’t closing leads. Look at the number of leads you’re getting. If it’s relatively high, it could be your closing that’s the problem, not the marketing campaign itself.
  9. You’re spending too much money. Incorporate some cheaper methods of marketing, like social media marketing or PPC campaigns.
  10. You aren’t making adjustments. You need to constantly refine and perfect your approach.

Marketing campaigns are never perfect, so make sure you’re making adjustments along the way. Just keep moving forward and stay focused on your ultimate goal: generating more revenue.

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