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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


3 Productivity Tricks for Startup Tech Companies from the Mind of Ben Franklin

As an entrepreneur your time is short and in high demand, but these simple productivity tricks can help you better manage your time.

Being a business leader means using your time effectively, and doing more in an hour than most people do all day. It’s not easy, but historical wisdom can really help give you some perspective and strategies to deal with the overwhelming tasks you have to deal with.

Most people know Benjamin Franklin from his image on the $100 bill, his reputation for flying kites, and his then-unconventional offers of wisdom. As a founding father, scientist, writer, and inventor, Franklin is one of the most important and most influential thinkers in United States history. Because of this, his works are still read, examined, and enjoyed by analysts and businesspeople around the world.

Lifehacker recently featured three productivity tricks originally thought up by Benjamin Franklin in a modern context. By learning from the classy inventor of the 1700s, you can improve your time management as an entrepreneur and become the business leader your startup technology needs to thrive:

  1. Create a List of “Virtues” to Live By. While Franklin focused on virtues like temperance and humility, as an entrepreneur you’ll need to create a list of ideal qualities you need to succeed. Some of these can include qualities like honesty, or commitment, depending on your leadership style. Adhering to these qualities gives you better focus and helps define you as an entrepreneur.
  2. Create a Meticulous, Unbreakable Schedule. Keep your schedule tightly managed and very clear. Set aside time for specific tasks, and don’t get distracted by irrelevant events. Staying focused this way is proven to help you concentrate on the task at hand and get more done in the long run.
  3. Make Enemies Your Friends. Franklin improved his productivity by learning from the people he disagreed with. As a businessperson, you can embrace the techniques and experiences of your competitors to make the most of your own business model.

With these simple productivity hacks from one of the world’s most respected and renown minds, you can revitalize your efficiency as an entrepreneur.

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