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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


4 Tricks for Startup Tech Companies to Win Over Old Tech Fans

As a new tech developer, you’ll be dealing with potential customers who are stuck in their old habits and you’ll need to know how to win them over.

Some startup tech companies focus on a radically new idea that solves a need that went previously unnoticed or unaddressed, but for the most part startup tech ideas find new ways of solving old problems. It’s a great model, since people are always looking for the latest and greatest way to fix or ease their troubles, but one of the greatest challenges is convincing people who are used to the old way of doing things that your new way is better.

This “old way” of doing things could be a way of dealing with them without technology—such as using a physical printed calendar instead of a mobile calendar app—or it could be a way of dealing with them with an older form of technology—such as an antiquated app.

Either way, you’re likely to encounter some kind of resistance when pitching your product. These four tricks can help you get the edge in convincing them that your new way is superior:

  1. Offer a trial period. Nobody wants to put money down for something they don’t understand. Give users a free trial period to use the app—30 days is a common length of time.
  2. Transfer over old data—if you can swing it. It might not always be possible, but work with your developers to see if you can migrate old data from a previous app to your new one. This is big for any apps dealing with time management or information storage.
  3. Focus on the disadvantages of the old tech. Instead of boasting what your app is good at, focus at what the old app (or manual system) is lacking. This will layer your customers’ needs with another need that only you can solve.
  4. Give a hands-on demo. Show them in a live environment exactly how they can take advantage of your new technology.

With a little convincing, you can likely convert older technology users to your new solution. You’ll have to adjust your messages to your new target audience, but eventually, if your app is worth it, even the most stubborn tech users will ultimately make the switch.

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