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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


8 Hiring Myths in Startup Tech Companies

Myths about hiring can put you in a state of perpetual hesitation, but startup tech company entrepreneurs should look beyond these false beliefs to find their way to solid hiring practices.

Most startup tech companies eventually need to undergo a massive round of hiring. It can be a scary process for entrepreneurs, especially when your revenue stream is less than reliable, but it’s something you’ll need to face if you want to grow successfully.

Rhonda Abrams, an author and speaker on small businesses, recently published an article on hiring myths that often perplex and worry entrepreneurs debating whether or not to hire someone. I’ve taken these myths and adjusted them to better reflect the concerns of startup tech company entrepreneurs. Take a moment to review these eight common hiring myths, and why they aren’t as negative as you imagine:

  1. Hiring costs too much money. It might be hard when just starting out, but making smart hires actually increases your earning potential in the long run.
  2. Hiring requires a range of complicated, expensive benefits. This isn’t necessarily the case; you can start by offering small yet potentially huge benefits, such as stock options in the company.
  3. Tax complexity is too much for me to handle. While it is true you’ll have to worry about taxes no matter what, you can start with independent contractors to avoid some of that complexity.
  4. There isn’t enough cash flow to support a new worker. To avoid this, you can start out with part-time workers, contractors, or even interns until your revenue builds.
  5. There isn’t enough office space for an employee. As a tech company, telecommuting is a highly viable option—especially if you’re working with creative talent or developers.
  6. Paperwork is a nightmare. While this can be true, there are a number of mentors, free online workshops, and software platforms that streamline this process for entrepreneurs.
  7. Management will spend more time than it will save. Hiring is an investment—the first few weeks of a new hire will be stressful, but with the right hire and the right training, you’ll be saving yourself lots of time in the long run.
  8. Startups get stuck with untalented or lazy workers. Work hard to hire the right people, and they’ll want to work hard for you.

With the right mentality and a little effort, you can avoid these hiring myths and build the team that will help your startup company explode.

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