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Published on July 17th, 2018 | by Jose Vasquez


Is Determination Enough to Be a Successful Startup Tech Company Entrepreneur?

Determination can help you succeed, but is it really enough?

Ask any entrepreneur what they think are the most important qualities for success, and you’re bound to hear “determination” thrown out. Persevering through the difficult times, and committing to your vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur can be very valuable, but is that pure grit enough for anyone to become successful?

Let’s take a look at this problem across various applications.

Working and Sacrificing

In terms of hard work, and the sacrifices you’ll make along the way, determination is hard to replace. The most determined entrepreneurs are the ones willing to put in the extra hours, and the ones willing to sacrifice a “normal” life in the meantime. In this dimension, determination is unstoppable—and necessary if you want to become a success.

Overcoming Failure

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to fail sooner or later, whether it’s seeing your business collapse or losing a significant client. Only the most determined entrepreneurs are able to overcome these failures, learn from them, and keep progressing in other areas. Accordingly, determination is a necessary trait for success.

Finding the Right Idea

Where determination falls short is helping you find the right idea, whether it’s the center of your business plan, or a creative option for solving a major problem. Determination alone isn’t going to spark your creativity, nor will it be able to course-correct a bad business plan. It can be beneficial for helping you come up with lots of ideas—but there’s no guarantee any of them will work.

Learning and Growing

Finally, there’s learning and growing. Determination will be what motivates you to learn from your mistakes, attend classes, read, and acquire new information through other means. Some people will naturally learn faster than others, but as long as you’re committed, it’s possible to master practically anything.

Determination alone can’t make you a great entrepreneur, but it’s certainly helpful in facilitating your journey. If you’re interested in learning more about the entrepreneurial journey, or if you need some outside perspective to get your business started, contact me today!

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is a serial entrepreneur and tech specialist dedicated to helping startup tech companies grow and succeed. As the founder of Build. Brand. Blast., Jose has worked with dozens of enterprises to find direction, gain momentum, and achieve results.

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