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Published on June 5th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


One Thing Startup Tech Companies Cannot Be Successful Without

Every startup tech company in the world needs one thing to become successful: adaptability

It really is that simple. Adaptability is one of the most important qualities of any startup company, especially startup tech companies, and without it you are doomed to failure.

There are many different kinds of adaptability, of course, but the bottom line is you need to be able to respond to changing conditions and changing circumstances if you’re going to be successful in the long term.

Product Adaptability

The final product you go to market with is likely going to be different than the one you started with. No matter how brilliant or perfect or well thought through your initial idea is, there has to be room for it to change. As you design and develop your product, you will discover new things about your application that you may not have considered, or you may learn that some element of it is not as practical as you once imagined. Stay agile, and you’ll be able to overcome this with relative ease.

Market Adaptability

Stay adaptable in your target market. Maybe you started out thinking your product will be used by teenage girls—and it might eventually become very successful in that market. But if you stay reflexive, you can explore different possibilities and expand your horizons. Or, if something goes awry, you can nimbly adjust your model without breaking it.

Team Adaptability

Never be afraid to say goodbye to someone, or rule someone out as a potential partner. You should work with as many different minds as you can, maximizing the potential new ideas you can harness and getting insight you might otherwise have never found.

Scale Adaptability

Many entrepreneurs envision their companies skyrocketing in size, but not every startup needs or is able to become that massive. Let the market and the structure of your business dictate where your company ends up going. Don’t artificially or aggressively pursue growth you aren’t ready for, and never rule out any possibilities for expansion.

Remember, your company should be more fluid than solid. Solid companies tend to break when something presses against them, while fluid companies are able to respond and take a more appropriate shape.

photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu via photopin cc

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