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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Startup Tech Companies Quick Guide to Hiring

Knowing when and how to hire additional staff for startup tech companies can help you manage your growth efficiently.

Startup tech companies poised for growth eventually need to consider hiring additional staff to fill new roles and more evenly distribute the increased workload. But there’s a major dilemma most startup entrepreneurs face: hiring too quickly can exhaust your cash flow, while hiring too slowly might mean not being able to accommodate growth.

While there’s no surefire way to hire timely and effectively, there are many resources that can help you make the call. Dr. David Javitch, an organizational psychologist and regular contributor to, recently outlined a series of steps to help companies determine the right time to hire, and how to hire the right candidates.

Combining Dr. Javitch’s advice with my own experiences, I’ve created this quick, three-section guide to hiring for startup tech entrepreneurs.

Section 1: Knowing When to Hire

Like I said, there’s no concrete way to tell when you need to hire. But there are several signs that your staff is lighter than it should be. Keep watch for these clues and if you start noticing them more often, it’s time to consider bringing someone aboard:

  • Employees are complaining about workloads, or acting overstressed (or both!)
  • You find yourself wanting to take on additional tasks, but not having the time.
  • Growth opportunities exist, but your staff cannot handle the additional workload.
  • Growth is steady, and consumer interest is either remaining constant or expanding.
  • You find your team lacking certain expertise or skills that you need to expand.
  • Your cash flow is consistent, and revenue is at or above your current target goal.

Section 2: Starting the Process

It can be overwhelming to find a perfect candidate, but the more effort you put into recruiting a solid team member, the higher payoff you’ll eventually see.

  • Use multiple platforms, including social media and free platforms, to post your job.
  • Document and post all major and minor duties and responsibilities of the job.
  • Illustrate the relationships and “pecking order” of the office.
  • Thoroughly describe the office environment, including behavioral expectations and working conditions.

Section 3: Acquiring Talent

Once you have a stack of resumes to go through, you can begin finding the perfect candidate.

  • Interview thoroughly. Don’t ask just the baseline questions—generic questions get generic answers. Really get to know your candidates the best you can.
  • Create a training program and see it through to completion. Don’t expect your new hires to understand everything immediately.
  • Develop a mentoring system, and monitor progress as your new recruit becomes accustomed to his/her responsibilities.

Keep this quick hiring guide by your side as you move through the process and expand your team. The faster you grow, the faster you’ll need to be able to hire.

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