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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Top 5 Ways to Build Credibility in Startup Tech Companies

Even startup tech companies with solid ideas and a strong execution can suffer from a lack of credibility, but not with these five excellent tips.

No matter what type of technology you’re developing or offering your customers, you’re going to need to build some level of trust. It’s not the same for every startup tech company, but most enterprises share a need for increased credibility in order to take off. For example, financial tech apps need a huge level of trust if customers are going to trust them with their money. As a contrasting example, SaaS models generally require some extended contract—and businesses will need to establish some level of trust before they sign.

These five tested strategies to build credibility as a business have helped countless startup tech companies find the footing they need to gain trusting customers:

  1. Communicate Frequently. Make sure you have a content marketing strategy, or at the very least a regular newsletter going out. The more communications your customers find when researching you, the better you’ll look.
  2. Establish a Personal Social Media Presence. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are musts—if you can’t be found on social media, people might not trust you. Make sure your messages are personal, and not just filler to put on social media.
  3. Engage with Other Platforms and Brands. Write guest blogs whenever you can, and try to build a community of tech businesses you can engage with. It’s great for credibility, and can also build your SEO authority.
  4. Learn from Professionals and Share the Knowledge. Read the latest books and publications in your industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest information on technology developments, and be sure to share the information with your current and prospective customers. Draw from the authority of well-established experts.
  5. Encourage Feedback. Get your customers to write reviews or testimonials, and make sure to syndicate them however you can. Get referrals from your current clients whenever possible.

With consistent attention to these strategies, you can build your company’s reputation and eventually reach a point of trust that allows your sales to grow.

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is a serial entrepreneur and tech specialist dedicated to helping startup tech companies grow and succeed. As the founder of Build. Brand. Blast., Jose has worked with dozens of enterprises to find direction, gain momentum, and achieve results.

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