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Published on April 7th, 2015 | by Jose Vasquez


What to Do When Your Users Complain in Startup Tech Companies

Sooner or later, you’ll face some user complaints, but if you know how to handle them, you can turn it into a positive situation.

Building a successful app takes diligence and patience. It’s not something that happens overnight, no matter how good an idea you might have. Even the most awe-inspiring breakthrough concepts of the past decade have only risen to success because of careful planning and fine tuning.

But even with all your plans in order, your app isn’t going to be perfect. You could build your app exactly the way you envision it, and hone it after months of research. No matter what you do, eventually you’re going to face a customer complaint.

So how do you react when a customer complains about your app? Especially in a public environment, like on social media?

First, take a look at what they’re saying. Your response should do three things:

  1. Acknowledge their comment, and demonstrate that you understand it.
  2. Explain the reasons for the circumstances around their complaint.
  3. Indicate your next course of action, if applicable.

If your user is complaining about something minor and fixable, the solution is usually simple. Address their concern, and tell them how and why you’re going to fix it. For instance, if a customer is struggling with a form submission, take note and give a realistic timeline on when it can be fixed.

If your user is complaining about something subjective that might not improve the app, address their concern and explain that the app is still in an early stage, and it’s not in a position for rapid changes yet. Do take note, however. If you see the same kinds of comments coming up multiple times, you might want to consider making a change or addition to appease your users.

If your user is complaining about something you cannot control, do take the time to more fully address the situation. Instead of ignoring them, help them understand the factors surrounding the use of your app.

The bottom line here is always respond. Let your users know you care about what they have to say, and do what you can to turn negative comments into positive opportunities.

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